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Haodong teaches private lessons to both children and adults, and she currently serves as a piano faculty member at the Music Conservatory of Westchester in White Plains, in addition to giving lessons in New York City.

With over nine years of experience in teaching beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced level students, Haodong believes that each student has a different way of learning, and tries to find a perfect way that works for each one of them. 

If you have any questions about taking lessons with Haodong, please refer to the contact page.

"Haodong has been giving piano lessons to my 13 year old son for the past three years, starting when he was ten. She has done an outstanding job and has got him to learn advanced piano pieces with a great deal of patience. I had tried over the years to get my son to play paino with less success until Haodong became his teacher. I am very happy with the results. Without doubt I highly recommend her.”

— John A A.

"As an adult student, I find Haodong's teaching style very helpful, as she is both knowledgeable and kind. I feel like there are a quite a lot of gaps in my previous training, and she has worked with me to correct each one of them. Most importantly, I can hear a huge difference when I play some of my favorites now.”

— Jen F. 

"Haodong is a fantastic piano teacher. She has done some amazing work with my 14 year old daughter over the past 2 years. She has fostered a love of piano playing in my daughter, including practicing! My daughter looks forward to her lessons, and she has made great progress -- a wonderful foundation for a lifelong love of music. Bravissima Haodong!”

— Stephen V.

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